Future Plans

I, along with all of my fellow collegians with one semester left of college and graduation lurking, are asked the same question on a day to day basis.

       “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a curious question on everyone’s mind, and one that can yield all types of answers. I, myself wonder about the future lives of my peers, and what they will be doing in a year, 2 years, even 10 years down the line.

This question is very “big picture”, if you will. The type that you want to answer with:

“live in a big city with a French bull dog named Frank in a cozy apartment with character”


         “but really, be honest, what do you really want to do?”

Being honest, here are the 7 things that I want to do, realistically.

  1. I want to travel. It’s obvious, I know. But it’s undeniably true. There is a wealth of knowledge in experiencing culture, food, and life in general first hand. There are only so many places that books, articles, and photographs can take you.
  2. I want to trust in serendipitous moments. There is an immense power in serendipity, and I fully intend to continue allowing myself to see where those moments take me.
  3. I don’t want to stop learning, reading or listening. I want to continue to be a sponge, soaking in stories and information about anything and everything under the sun. Knowledge is strength.
  4. I want a job. I’m so ecstatic to see what kind of path my future career takes me. With a bachelors of science in landscape architecture, my options are open. I want to feel passionate about what I do, and how I do it. I’m aware there will be bad days, trying days, and moments of frustration, but I feel ready to accept the challenge.
  5. I want to live in a new city. Exploration of new places and spaces forces me out of my comfort zone. I don’t know which city or state I’ll be living in. So when I know, you’ll know.
  6. I want to spend valuable time with my family and friends. They are gold, and time with them is precious.
  7. I want to read the New York Times with a fabulous cup of coffee every Sunday morning…with my French bull dog, Frank.