Cinema 11.16.15

Due to a quiet weekend in, I watched a ton of movies.

Here’s what I watched:

Dior and I

I loved it. The documentary takes you behind the scenes of the modern reinvention of couture by the new creative director of Dior, Raf Simons.

Available on Netflix.

el somni

This movie tilted more on the side of odd. But, the idea a meal this extravagant is fascinating to watch unfold. I mostly rented it to view the cinematography of the food, but in the end received a whole lot more.

Available on iTunes Movie.

September Issue

A documentary on the work of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief for American Vogue. A look into the fierce lady and also gave great insight into the fashion industry. Magazine editing plays a major role in deciding what’s “in” and “out”.

Available on Netflix.


If you know me, you know I love James Bond. If you know me well, you know that I’m obsessed with James Bond. I loved it, mostly for the music score, and Daniel Craig just doing his thing. I’m curious about the plot of his 5th and final movie as Bond.

Only in theaters.


A fascinating look into the stories and lives of 3 whistle-blowers. Extremely interesting and gives a different perspective under the light of a balanced government system.

Available on Netflix.

chef's table

Not a movie, but a docu-series. If you haven’t watched it, I strongly encourage you to. It is absolutely fantastic, and I continuously re-watch episodes because they are that fantastic.

Available only on Netflix.